Editors Note: “Dying cockroach,” works both the upper and lower abdominal muscles. This involves lying on your back with the arms extended above the head, then raising both the legs and the arms to meet one another halfway. Isometrics are done in static positions, rather than being dynamic through a range of motion.While dynamic exercises are slightly better than isometric exercises at enhancing the twitch force of a muscle, isometrics are significantly better than dynamic exercises at increasing maximal strength at the joint angle. Flexibility may be increased when isometrics are performed at joint range of motion extremes.
Lie flat on your back with arms at the sides. Lift both legs up until the shins are parallel to the floor. Tighten the stomach muscles, and hold this position for as many seconds you can while breathing evenly throughout. Release by lowering the feet to the floor. Repeat 10 times.
Everyone can do this one. Enjoy!

Other Isometric Abdominal Exercises you can try

  • Decline static holds
  • Side bridge
  • Plank
  • Lying leg holds
  • Isometric stomach flattener
Your Abdominals will look and feel leaner.
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